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The Arizona Daily Star's "Best Private School in Tucson" for 2018!

Home School Partnership

Thank you for your interest in Casas Christian School.  We are excited to share our passion for Christian education and God’s plan with your child.  We offer math instruction (2nd-8th), science instruction (6th-8th), and three seasons of sports for 6th-8th grade homeschooled students.  We encourage you to enroll at CCS during the first three quarters of the year.  Prior to completion of the application and enrollment paperwork, we would like to arrange any necessary testing needed to ensure that we place your child in the appropriate class.  This is the usual procedure for all prospective students.  Please contact Joshua Kempf at 878-1165 to verify grade/classroom availability and placement, or with any online application questions.  We look forward to serving your child at CCS!

CCS Mathematics Courses:                                            

2nd–5th Grade:
*Five Instructional Levels in Each Grade   
6th Grade
6th Grade Course I                                    
6th Grade Pre-Algebra   
7th Grade:                   
7th Grade Pre-Algebra
7th Grade Algebra

8th Grade:
8th Grade Algebra
8th Grade Geometry

CCS 6th – 8th Grade Science Courses:

Please see the CCS Curriculum Guide Quick-Glance for specific course content by grade.

Please Note the Following Fees and Tuition:

Registration/Application Fee:  $160
Either Math or Science Instruction (one course per semester):  $495 each semester, $99 per month
Both Math and Science Instruction (two courses per semester):  $750 each semester, $150 per month

Tuition Discount Opportunity: 

Homeschooled families may receive a one-time reduction in second semester tuition of $50 for each new student/family referred to CCS and enrolled during the same academic year.

6th-8th Athletics:  $150 per season

Fall: Girls Volleyball / Boys Flag Football
Winter: Girls Softball / Co-Ed Soccer
Spring:  Girls Basketball / Boys Basketball

Standardized Testing:  $30

CCS administers the Terra Nova 3 standardized achievement test at the end of April.  Homeschooled students are welcome to take any or all sections of the test with CCS students in their grade level.  The testing schedule for each grade level is not determined until one week prior to testing.

We provide a rich academic and spiritual experience that lays a foundation for a lifetime of excellence while also creating an environment where each student can excel in an engaging, individualized, Christ-centered climate.