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The Arizona Daily Star's "Best Private School in Tucson" for 2018!

Michael Ahern

Michael Ahern
Michael Ahern
Teacher - PE
Phone: 520-297-0922
Groups: K-5
Employed Since: 8/24/1998
20 Years Experience At School
  • Bachelor Degree
  • Bachelor Degree U of A
  • Bachelor Degree U of A

B.A., University of Phoenix, Education.  B.S., University of Arizona, Business Administration. ACT Certified Personal Trainer.  Mr. Ahern has taught at CCS since 1998.  Previous teaching experience includes one year in public school.

Mr. Ahern's Favorites List
Birthday: April 8
Favorite Food: Chinese
Favorite Restaurant: Chili's
Favorite Candy: Snickers
Favorite Fruit: Seedless Oranges
Favorite Shopping Spot: Play It Again Sports
Favorite Drink: Zero Low Cal Sports Drinks
Hobbies: Movie Nights, Tennis

We provide a rich academic and spiritual experience that lays a foundation for a lifetime of excellence while also creating an environment where each student can excel in an engaging, individualized, Christ-centered climate.

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