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The Arizona Daily Star's "Best Private School in Tucson" for 2018!

The Casas Parent Teacher Fellowship is lead by volunteer Executive Committee members made up of parents here at CCS. Each Executive Committee serves a two year term in their respective positions, and aim to bring our school community closer together. Through out the year, the PTF does multiple events to achieve their goal of community building. Our newest Executive Committee will start their term in August 2016, and will continue from 2016-2018. The Executive Committee will be co-lead by Angelica Baker and Cecilia Tompkins (President), Beth Brown (Vice President), Jennifer Levis and Michelle Nonnemacher (Treasurer), and Stevie Spillers (Secretary). 









We provide a rich academic and spiritual experience that lays a foundation for a lifetime of excellence while also creating an environment where each student can excel in an engaging, individualized, Christ-centered climate.

Thank you!