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The Arizona Daily Star's "Best Private School in Tucson" for 2018!

Tax Credit

Be Encouraged!


For the 2017-2018 School Year:

52% - Fully Funded

59% - Paid less than $1k

65% - Paid less than $2k

71% - Paid less than $3k

75% - Paid less than $4k


88% - Received tax credit funds in some amount


Watch this video to learn how 50% of CCS families attend without tuition, and 95% do not pay the full tuition amount!




Arizona Tuition Connection
c/o Stearns Bank
Post Office Box 12667 Scottsdale, Arizona 85259
Phone: (480) 409-4106

Click here to make your online Tax Credit Contribution.


Institute for Better Education
911 S. Craycroft
Tucson, Arizona 85711
Phone:  (520) 512-5438

Click here to make your online Tax Credit Contribution. 


Want to learn more about requesting people contribute their private school tax credit to your child? Read ACSTO's Tax Credit 101 Booklet Here to learn more about approaching people, and take the anxiety out of "the ask"!


We provide a rich academic and spiritual experience that lays a foundation for a lifetime of excellence while also creating an environment where each student can excel in an engaging, individualized, Christ-centered climate.