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Financial Aid

The 2018-2019 Finaincail Aid Application Procecss for our school is not yet open. We will notify when that is open.
Financial aid is available through the Casas Christian School in-house scholarship process as well as from outside tax credit organizations called School Tuition Organizations (STOs). If you have any questions concerning financial aid, please contact Donna Emmans, our Business Manager, at (520) 878-1172.
To apply for CCS financial aid funds, please apply to the following organizations:
Arizona Tuition Connection (The 18/19 application process is not yet open.)
Institute for Better Education (The 18/19 aplcaition process is not yet open) 1st round deadline is March 31, 2018- continue to apply for future rounds.)


In addition to applying for CCS funds, we recommend that you apply to the following STOs as well:

Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization (The 18/19 application process is not yet open.)    
Arizona Leadership Foundation (The 18/19 application process is not yet open.)
Arizona Private Education Scholarship Fund (The 18/19 application process is not yet open.) 
Arizona Tax Credit (The 18/19 application process is not yet open.)
School Choice Arizona (The 18/19 application process is not yet open.)
Tuition Organization for Private Schools (The 18/19 application process is not yet open.)

Click here to download a list of all 60+ Arizona STOs that offer scholarships!

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