Though we would love to meet you in person and discuss your child’s needs, we know that is not always easy or possible.
Below we have created a virtual tour so you can get to know a bit more about who we are, our educational philosophy, and student life. Your application fee will be waived if you experience our Virtual Tour just as it would be for any in person event.


0:14 – Introduction with Joshua Kempf (More Info)
1:33 – Readiness Level Demonstration for Elementary School with Katrina Dedmon (More Info)
4:00 – Readiness Level Demonstration for Middle School with Jacqueline Norris (More Info)
5:50 – Student Life Activities (More Info)
7:00 – Student Instructional Support with Sarah Nicols (More Info)
8:22 – Northwest Center (More Info)
9:41 – Faith Integration (More Info)
11:30 – Warrior Attributes
12:14 – Technology Integration (More Info)
13:38 – Chapel (More Info)
14:11 – Uniforms in the Chapel
14:28 – Chapel Continued
15:10 – But What About Tuition? (More Info)
16:24 – The Next Step

Casas Christian School