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We are honored you are considering joining our incredible instructional team. We are passionate about providing a nurturing, supportive, and engaging learning environment for our students. We are unified in our mission to help students grow in their relationship with Jesus and discover the gifts that have been given to them. If that sounds like a school culture you would be excited to join, please complete one of our applications.

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CCS is accredited by AdvancEd and ACSI and has been minisĀ­tering to K-8 students for almost 50 years! We are looking for educators who are passionate about leading in a missional, Christian school environment that focuses on the readiness level of students. If you are interested in joining our team, please fill out an application or contact us at


Positions available for the 2022-2023 School Year

Substitute Teachers: Ideal candidates will have an Arizona Substitute Certification, love for the Lord, and love for children.


Our Staff

Our administrative staff is here to serve our new and current families. Whether you have questions about curriculum, your child’s specific needs, or how to make this unique Christian education possible for your family, they are here to make your time with us a special one.

Casas Christian School’s teachers hold certifications with the state of Arizona and the Association of Christian Schools International and approximately 60% hold Master’s Degrees in their field. Our teachers love God and are passionate about creating a nurturing and academically challenging learning environment for your child.

We are here to model to all in our community how the supremacy of love manifests itself. View this video of our staff testifying how they have each been transformed…

Name Title Group Contact
Aguirre, Rod CCS Safety Director Faculty
Barbieri, Alexis Long-Term Kindergarten Aide Substitute. Faculty
Casabona, Sarah 5th Grade Teacher Faculty
Charlton, Rita Student Instructional Support - K-2 Faculty
Cossette, Courtney Student Instructional Support Faculty
Cossette, Patty 6th-8th Math Teacher Faculty
Dedmon, Katrina Vice Principal Administration
Delgado, Kandy Kindergarten Aide Faculty
Doyle, Melissa 3rd Grade Teacher Faculty
Ellsworth, Amanda Kindergarten Aide Faculty
Enriquez, April 1st Grade Teacher Faculty
Ford, Melanie 5th Grade Teacher Faculty
Freeman, Pamela 6th grade Teacher Faculty
Garcia, Dawn Student Academic Admissions Coordinator Administration
Garcia, Robin MS Math Teacher Faculty
Garcia-Jimenez, Denisse Ext Care Supervision Faculty
Garland, Melanie 1st Grade Teacher Faculty
Heriot, Cristina Student Instructional Support Faculty
Hewes, Jeannie Paraprofessional Faculty
Horner, Melissa Administrative Assistant Administration
Hughes, Keith Transportation Faculty
Ingle, Elisabeth 1st Grade Teacher Faculty
Johnson, Amanda Music Teacher Faculty
Kempf, Joshua Principal Administration
Kramer, Amber 3rd Grade Teacher Faculty
Lopez, David MS Science Teacher Faculty
Maidman, Julie Middle School Orchestra Faculty
March, Taisha 4th Grade Teacher Faculty
Marion, Debra Extended Care Supervisor Support Staff
Maserdejian, Stephanie Kindergarten Teacher Faculty
Matack, Andi 2nd Grade Teacher Faculty
Mauck, Erica Long-Term Substitute K-5 P.E. Faculty
Merwe, Amy van der Instructional Support/Speech & Language Faculty
Mitchell, Nichole 2nd Grade Teacher Faculty
Mobray, Kristi MS Student Instructional Support Support Staff
Moore, Angela 4th Grade Teacher Faculty
Morgan, Sheryl 3rd Grade Teacher Faculty
Nichols, Sarah Student Instructional Support Advocate Faculty
Norris, Jacqueline 8th Grade Teacher Faculty
Ouellette, Sylvia Ext Care Supervision Faculty
Palloto, Pamela 4th grade Teacher Faculty
Parisi, Christy 7th Grade Core Teacher Faculty
Pearson, Laurie K-8 Art Teacher Faculty
Reinke, Kevin Financial Aid Administration
Rodifer, Elizabeth AM Health Aide/ Supervision Faculty
Sanchez, Vanessa Kindergarten Aide Faculty
Smith, Mackenzey Kindergarten Teacher Faculty
Smith-Perez, Jennifer Student Instructional Support - K-2 Faculty
Snider, David Transportation Specialist Support Staff
Solita, Jo-Ellen Student Instructional Support -4 Faculty
Spillers, Stevie Director of Business Operations Administration
Steele, Karen Student Instructional Support- K-5 Faculty
Suastez, Stephanie Substitute Teacher/Office Aide Faculty
Swink, Lorri Food Service Supervisor Support Staff
Tapia, Denise Spanish Teacher Faculty
Tarpley, Charlotte Kindergarten Teacher Faculty
Taylor, Jazzael Student Instructional Support -1 Faculty
Tompkins, Cecilia Middle School Physical Education Teacher Faculty
Ungren, Molly Kindergarten Teacher Faculty
Winkle, Wally Van MS Discovery Teacher Faculty
Woody, Brenda 5th Grade Teacher Faculty
Casas Christian School