Our Foundation

We are a K-8, dually accredited school located in Oro Valley, and established in 1970. Our mission is to provide child-centered education as we celebrate who our students are in Jesus.

Traditional Education

Stifles growth and creativity
Teaches to the test
Creates subject and test anxiety

Our Readiness Model

Builds confidence
Teaches a child HOW to learn
Celebrates God’s purpose for each child

What We Are All About

We believe all children are unique and made with great intention. Because no two children are exactly the same, their educational journey should be a reflection of their unique learning styles and talents. We care about the whole family and seek to nurture the spiritual, emotional, physical and academic needs of each student.

This journey isn’t just about the child but the whole family. We believe children thrive when their entire support system – their parents and family, their school, their friends, their coaches and their church all work together to seek the best for them.

We are


We are a missional school, which means we are committed to walking out our faith, both inside and outside the school walls. We meet students where they currently are spiritually, as well as academically, and provide the tools for growth in both. We are passionate about reaching out to the community. We want families to feel like they belong and to experience the love of Jesus at our school. We don’t expect our students or our parents to have it all together or share our beliefs.


Our students are fearfully and wonderfully made, and created in the image of God and are therefore unique physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This means not all students learn at the same rate or in the same way. We support and nurture each child so they develop a lifelong love of learning. It’s equally important to communicate that students who need support aren’t less than students who excel AND that students who excel are not worth more than students who need support. All students are challenged at their readiness level. Click to learn more about READINESS


We inspire joy in learning so students are engaged, and constantly moving toward God’s purpose for their lives. Our academic approach in the classroom is engaging and dynamic with very limited direct instruction, because we believe students learn best when they are collaborating with one another to solve problems.

We believe

  • Students should be taught at their readiness level.
  • Students should have a broad worldview, which is reflected in our culture and curriculum.
  • Students should develop as leaders and serve their community.
  • Excellence in our teachers results in excellence in our students.
  • Diverse and inclusive environments create a strong sense of community.

What About Tuition?

All families are eligible to receive tuition assistance through the Arizona Private School Tuition Tax Credit Program. We currently have 95% of our families taking advantage of this opportunity, with almost 60% covering tuition in full! Learn more about Tax Credit Scholarships and Tuition Assistance HERE

Tour the School

We would love to have you visit our campus and learn more about Casas and how we can partner with you to help your child discover their purpose and potential. Click here to attend a Tax Credit Workshop or Welcome Wednesday Tour.

Though we are a school opened to all with no expectations on church attendance, if you are looking for a place to fellowship and worship with others on Sundays, we’d love for you to discover our church:

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Casas Christian School