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The best place in Tucson to prepare your child for high school (and beyond).


We Are Warriors

 Wise, Attentive, Respectful, Resolute, Imitators of Christ, Obedient, Reverent and Sensitive


We believe in whole child development and passionately approach our athletes with a heart to develop abilities to compete (win or lose) in a way that shows respect for all involved. We offer opportunities in soccer, flag football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, golf and softball.


CCS Athletics offers competitive team sports for grades 6-8. The following are the sports we offer to our students.

Boys Athletics

    •     Flag Football (Fall)
    •     Soccer (Winter)
    •     Basketball (Spring)

Girls Athletics

    •     Volleyball (Fall)
    •     Softball (Winter)
    •     Basketball (Spring)

Each student must have a current Physical Exam Form on file in the health office prior to starting practice.



We provide a rich academic and spiritual experience that lays a foundation for a lifetime of excellence while also creating an environment where each student can excel in an engaging, individualized, Christ-centered climate.

Thank You!